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We are a large business group and Crescent Tracking is a vehicle tracking company that has emerged into a competitive business environment where service providers are compelled to optimize resources, timely information has become a critical issue in achieving success.

Our Mission

To Protect 24/7 with Unbreakable Connectivity, To Present Value Added Technology, To Stop Unauthorized Assessability.

Our Vision

Just not Protecting Your Assets its Protecting You with Latest & Most Advanced Vehicle Tracking Equipment.

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Vehicle Tracking

The Best Vehicle Tracking Solution. Unbreakable Services. We provide complete solutions, including both Software and Hardware solutions for real-time GPS and satellite tracking and monitoring.

Bike Tracking

Providing the Best Bike Tracking Solution in Pakistan with Latest and Most Advance Tracking Equipment. Location accuracy is less than 2.5 meters, the best accuracy allowed for consumer use.

Fleet Management

Fleet Management Solution with Latest Mobile Applications and Web Tracking. GPS tracking and fleet management solutions that significantly help increase productivity, cut costs, improve safety and service

Best Mobile Application.

Smooth and Real Time Tracking on Mobile

24/7 Control Room Operations

24/7 Control Room and Call Center Facility to provide Best Quality of Services like Geo-Fence Limit Cross Call, Battery Temper Call. 24/7 Facility for Customer to get his Asset Details.

Web Access for Self Tracking

Smooth and Lite Web Access for Tracking your vehicle or Fleet. Get Daily, Weekly or Monthly Reports. Get an estimate of the fuel usage by vehicle for a specified period of time Current and historical performance. These reports allow you to compare current performance to past performance to determine how your vehicles are really performing.

Fuel, Weight and Temperature Sensors

Fuel Level Sensors, Weight Sensors and Temperature Sensors. Crescen Fuel Level Sensor gives a general overview on fuel usage by vehicle or stationary unit. Axle load sensor passes the information on raising or lowering the load on axle to terminal .

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